Freedom begins
when you know what you can do.

The Elements of Training

We keep group classes small to provide individual attention and offer private sessions.

Every class presents a combination Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Chen Tai Chi, Jian Shu, Meditation and Wellness practices because they are interrelated. To study just one, would be to miss the fullness of its form. The breathing in Meditation is found in Qi Gong while Tai Chi prepares for the fluidity of the Snake in Kung Fu which shows the student how to manage the sword in Jian Shu and the quietness of the mind in Jian comes from Meditative practice. Everything, in all of these arts, is based in circular movements, the turning of the Karmic wheel. By moving within the different skills, you become whole. This is an antidote to the overspecialization of the modern world that leaves you without the ability to act. Freedom always begins when you know what you can do. You learn what you can do from discovering how to master the different elements of your being and apply them in unique combinations to solve any problem.

Kung Fu

We study the Northern Shaolin Forms and Methods made famous by the Warrior Monks of Song Mountain. Steeped in history and formed by faith, these forms emulate the movements of animals while focusing on allowing the practitioner to be fully present within their body. Anyone of any ability can practice Kung Fu as it was originally intended to be a skill one practiced for life and transforms to match age and ability.

Qi Gong

The closest translation to qi (chi) is breath or energy. It is most commonly referred to as the life energy within us. Qi Gong techniques focus on maintaining and nurturing balance within that affects your relationships to the world without. The traditional Qi Gong techniques taught emphasize overcoming health and energy problems unique to the Western culture.

Chen Tai Chi

The oldest form of Tai Chi, the Chen school is famous for is alternating speeds of movement. The fluid and centered forms increase flexibility, strength and calmness to the practitioner. It is uniquely beautiful to watch and sublime to practice. Regular practice of Chen Tai Chi has been shown to have benefits for mental, physical and emotional health.


The art of the traditional Chinese Jian sword has mostly been preserved as a dance like form in modern Wu Shu competition. Jian Shu returns much of its original purpose to the technique by using sparring techniques and equipment similar to European fencing to allow for mastery of the weapon. Mastery of the Jian is said to represent the highest form of moral and spiritual development as it is the Jian that can separate delusion from reality, leaving mankind standing between the two, holding them in balance.

Meditation & Wellness

Meditation has been shown to bring great benefits to emotional, mental and physical health. Wellness is the practice of looking at the whole aspect of a person�s life and making changes as needed, or strengthening what should be nurtured.It can take the form of nutrition, coaching, hypnotherapy, meditation or even learning how to play the game GO (WEIQI). Moving meditation is one of the most easily accessible forms of meditation and it is present in all of the training. The art of silent sitting is an advanced skill and the Master Teacher leads students towards meditation styles that best suit their life and goals. Morning and evening meditation times are available for active students and those who have completed the 28 day meditation program.

GO (Wei Qi)

The game of GO contains the essence of life. Over 4,000 years old, this game is played as an exploration of self and relationships to the Universe. Recent studies have shown that it can prevent, reverse and stop the progression of Dementia. In Europe and Asia, it is part of school curriculum and there is a vibrant International community of players. On a professional level, GO competitions rival many other sports in prestige, intensity and reward.

About Us

Compassion - Humility - Frugality

In Ch'an Buddhism, the dragon plays many roles -- as a symbol of enlightenment and also as a symbol for ourselves. For example, "meeting the dragon in the cave" is a metaphor for confronting one's own deepest fears and obstacles. The Dragon Mountain Temple and Zen Community Center is a religious non-profit that serves the community no matter what their faith or affiliation. Our sole mission is to end suffering and to this end we support education, healthcare initiatives, food and assistance relief programs through providing direct care or assistance to other agencies.

In keeping with the needs of modern times, the Master Instructor, Cassandra Tribe, is trained in the major philosophies and tenets of the local major religions so as to assist people who are not Buddhist to honor and serve their faiths, identify common practices and work together to enlighten and enrich the local community. We believe that the community is best served when all strive towards the common goal to alleviate suffering and increase economic, health and spiritual well-being.

We provide programs to educate students on traditional Chinese culture and arts, Chan Buddhism, Shaolin Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Chen Tai Chi and Jian Shu; as well as serve to provide support and training in the contemplative practices of other faiths. In addition, the Center is also key to providing community service programs that not only bring wellness care to marginalized communities in Rhode Island (the elderly, disabled and disadvantaged) but serves as a means for students to engage in community service.

Our goal is to create total wellness in the lives of our members, and the members of the surrounding community - through incorporating dharma, cultural traditions, arts, energy, physical and medical arts. Dragon Mountain is the only Ch'an Buddhist Center in America that allows for cultural preservation while interacting with the secular community and teaches Buddhist principles through action and not lecture.

Building Community

It is together that we find our way through.

Dragon Mountain offers a resource to all in helping to enhance, nurture and sustain community.

We support community through:

- membership and participation in our programs,
- direct community support for members and non-members through our programs and volunteer services,
- providing wellness programs to organized communities for diverse and/or marginalized populations.

Our three main ways of supporting community are found in our:
1. Wellness and energy programs
2. Food/life relief initiatives
3. Relief services through volunteering

Come be a part of an active and growing community whose purpose is to serve to create sustainable change in how we live our lives and support each other in community.

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